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Drone Lens

Make your camera intelligent

Suburb Home

Outdoor Cam

DeepSee technology makes your camera recognise intruders outdoors - before they enter your home.


Smart App

Manage your safety from anywhere with the DeepSee Smart App.

Travel Boat

Boat Cam

With DeepSee technology, you are never far away from your boat. Recognise unwanted human activity by your boat and act accordingly.

English Country House

Holiday House

With DeepSee technology, you are never far away from your holiday house. Recognise intruders before they break in to your property.

Get the DeepSee App


Take action before the crime happens

DeepSee technology makes your camera intelligent. Instead of outdated motion detection which is the current market standard, our software is based on AI and machine learning and enables your camera to identify a human - even from a distance. The technology makes it possible to use smart surveillance outdoors.

Home Security at your fingertips

DeepSee's customisable camera software lets you focus-in on the most important areas of your home. You’ll get instant alerts as soon as DeepSee detects unwanted human presence on your property, and be able to take immediate action from our app.


About DeepSee

DeepSee develops AI Computer Vision software to make your camera intelligent. Using our software, your camera will be able to recognise a threat when it sees it, and warn you. Our easy-to-use app enables you to take control of your camera and your safety. From our headquarters in the UK, we work to make the world a safer place. 

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